Refreshing Water Damage Restoration Experience

I am feeling renewed after a recent water damage restoration project.  In today’s economic climate, I often encounter restoration contractors that are willing to cut corners to get a job.  Many times, the first line item that is omitted from a water restoration project is containment when the loss involves unclean water, mold, or even regulated hazards, such as asbestos.    I was called in to consult on a recent loss in which the contractor suspected that the water damage had affected asbestos pipe wrap.   In spite of threats of being removed from the job, this ethical contractor stood his ground.  Ultimately it was discovered that large areas of asbestos, lead paint, and mold had been affected by the large scale water loss.   Had the contractor moved forward with an adjustors request to employ air movers, he would not have compromised the health of the occupants, but could have taken on huge legal liabilities.  The restoration industry has excellent standards of care that have a greater intended purpose than collecting dust on a shelf.  Hooray for those that take the high road.

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