They “Mite” Be Giants: 6 Helpful Tips To Do Battle With Dust Mite Allergies

Studies have shown that the dust mite lives in areas in our home that are moist and warm. Forty thousand dust mites account for one ounce of mattress dust. They descend on our bedding because when we sleep our bodies shed skin, this skin is nourishment to the dust mite. Dust Mites are not necessarily harmful, unless you are allergic to them. Symptoms for allergic reaction would be runny nose, itchy eyes, asthma, or a rash. If you are allergic to dust mites then you should follow these steps.

Step 1: Survey your home and interior and note areas where dust mites hide, bedding, cloth sofa, drapes, carpets. Determine if your budget will permit you to replace these soft surface items to hard surface items such as wood blinds, leather sofa, and wood or tile floors. Prioritize the rooms in your home by the time that you spend in each room,the bedroom would be the first room that would have a makeover, TV room second, kitchen, dining room and such would follow on the list.

Step 2: Cover the mattress, box springs and pillows with allergen protective covers. These protective covers prevent the dust mite from penetrating and hiding in your bedding. Wash bed linens and comforter once a week to remove dust mites from fabric.

Step 3: Depending on the severity of your dust mite allergies you may want to cover your floors with a thin textured fiber carpet and invest in a Hepa filter vacuum that removes mold, pet dander and dust mite allergens. All fiber floor coverings will need to be steamed cleaned once a month to remove the dust mites that hide in the fibers. If you suffer from severe allergic reaction to dust mite you need to remove the fiber floor coverings and replace with a hard surface.

Step 4: Remove fiber window coverings and replace with a hard surface blind or shutter. Replace your upholstered furniture with leather or vinyl. Leather is more durable and the dust mites will have no place to hide. If leather is not in your budget, invest in a vacuum with allergen filter and vacuum your upholstered furniture twice a week. For severe allergies steam clean the upholstered furniture seasonally.

Step 5: Cover your nose and mouth with a ventilator mask before you dust your home. Remove the dust from your hard surfaces with a dust and allergen product. Use it on your wood furniture, cabinets and other hard surfaces. By using a product that is effective in controlling dust mites, you will be preventing a dust build up and thus reducing an allergic reaction.

Step 6: Replace your air duct filters with allergen protective filters. Change air filters four times a year or as recommended. Remove dust and other air borne irritants with an air purifier. Place the air purifier in the bedroom and an additional unit in the living area of your home.


4 Responses to “They “Mite” Be Giants: 6 Helpful Tips To Do Battle With Dust Mite Allergies”

  1. george Says:

    i have problems w/sometype of mite that lives in my car, either in the d./side carpet, and or the ventilation…they bite, sting, get in my hair shafts/bearb/eyebrows/clothing…etc. no chemicals i’ve uesd sem to work…any advice???

    • Sanit Air, Inc. | CleanliNEST™ Says:

      Hi George,
      The mites could be bird mites as opposed to dust mites. You might want to ask your doctor about using an over the counter topical lice medication for use on your hair and beard. Cleaning the upholstery and carpeting by extraction methods should rid the car of the mites.

  2. Alex Georg Says:

    My daughter has been fighting allergies for a long time and it is getting worse. Her lips, nose and eyes get swollen really bad and we can find one or two bite marks, like mosquito bites. Could it be casued by mites? Can mite allergy cause swollen of the lips, nose and eyes?

    • Sanit Air, Inc. | CleanliNEST™ Says:

      Hi Alex,
      It is possible that a mite of some sort is the source of your daughter’s reactions. The allergen in dust mites actually is in the fecal material. The bite marks could also come from spiders or another insect. Please make sure she sees an allergist. If you would like to have a dust mite allergen test, please contact me at and I can send you a kit to sample. The cost is $175.
      Good luck

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